Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Pokémon Generation VI Announced: Pokémon X & Y

I decided over the last week that I was going to get back into the swing of writing, so you can expect regular updates again now! Apologies for the lack of content over the last 4 weeks, unfortunately Christmas and University interfered with my free time!

On a better note, coinciding with the return of content to this blog was a massive announcement by Nintendo. That's right pokéfans, Generation 6 of the games will hit stores ALL OVER THE WORLD at once (for the first time in pokéhistory!) later this year. The announcement came in the form of a video by Nintendo president Satoru Iwata, where he presents the history of the games before dropping the bombshell. This comes only one year after the release of Black and White 2, fast even by Nintendo's standards. Here's the video for those of you unlucky enough to have not seen it yet.

In this wonderful video we see many aspects that the new game should hopefully offer. A fully 3D world (admittedly Gamefreak could have done a better job, the 3D just looks low grade when compared to some of the other 3DS titles), a new region  new battle animations and new Pokémon! You have to admire this bold step, there's not enough information to know how far the game will deviate from its predecessors but integration of the 3DS features could add extra dimensions to the gameplay.

I want to point out some of the more exciting things the internet is speculating about to you guys. First of all, everyone is pretty excited about the new starters. The designs seem really great, basic but fresh. I personally will be picking the Fennekin, but I'm a fire type fanatic, what about you guys? Here are pictures of the new starters along with their names.

The new Legendary pokémon look great too, one seems to be some kind of bird, whereas the other represents a giant stag. They're meant to represent the letters X and Y (look at the Japanese logo below and if you squint hard enough they kind of look like the legendary pokémon). I think I'll be getting X, that stag looks pretty sweet, and I've always wanted to use a stag looking pokémon in my team but never liked the ones currently available!

There's also controversy surrounding the new version names, X and Y. This is a deviation from the usual colour choices, and people have been throwing round several reasons why. The strongest of these, in my opinion, is the X and Y are to do with chromosomes, and the DNA of pokémon will somehow be implemented into the story (maybe something similar to the Dream Radar or Dream World). This is supported by the fact that in the japanese versions a small symbol can be seen that seems to represent a small strand of DNA. Take a look for yourself, they're above the N in Pokémon (I've enlarged this image so you can see it better, apologies that it doesn't fit great with the formatting)

One disappointing thing about this announcement is that there seems to be no Ruby/Sapphire remakes on the way, something people have been asking about for a while. With all Gamefreak's resources dedicated to getting a worldwide release date, we probably won't be seeing Gen III remakes for a while.

Personally, I hope X and Y take a few leaves out of the Heart Gold/Soul Silver remakes. The bag organization system, the fact your pokémon follow you around and the pokéwalker. All great features, and it's widely thought these were probably the best of the "new" pokémon games
Overall, it's a great announcement and I'm sure all die hard pokéfans will be looking forward to it. I'm looking forward to more news being announced, and October 2013 can't roll around quick enough for me!

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